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Individual Therapy

Having someone to listen without judgment is a tremendous gift. It can remove the loneliness and despair that can happen when life gets to be too much to bear. Perhaps you've had therapy before 

but something's still missing.  You've done everything you can think of or that your previous therapist told you. Despite some real progress deeper relief hasn't occurred  just yet. 

At New Insights we go BEYOND traditional talk therapy to take you to the next level whatever that may look like for you. Using the latest neuroscience research and therapy techniques to help you go deeper and create that next level of transformation you are seeking.  Let's go beyond traditional talk therapy to help you reach your goals. 


Our therapy will give you deeper understanding along with practical tools for you to heal. If you're an adult who want to take things to the next level; then click on the button below or call me today for a FREE consultation and see if we're a good match.

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